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What is contract lifecycle management(CLM)?

Contract lifecycle management involves the systematic and proactive management of all the contracts in your business. Each process starts with contract creation and moves through every lifecycle stage. This includes approval, signing, compliance and renewal. By implementing a contract management system to manage this lifecycle, you can expect substantial improvements in efficiency.

Why use Ligo for contract management?

The Ligo contract management platform gives you control over the entire contract lifecycle. With advanced contract creation, automated reminders, simplified approvals and online signing you save time and money by streamlining every contract cycle. The easy to use platform makes it suitable for every team. From in-house legal teams, to sales & procurement experts. An all-in-one package to help your business become more efficient, increase revenue and reduce risks.

What are the benefits of contract management?

Streamlining business processes, and ensuring they are executed consistently, are pivotal components to every business. For a long time, the process of managing contracts has been manual and ineffective. So what are the benefits that a platform like Ligo’s contract management can offer your business?
  • Accelerate each contract cycle by taking the right action at the right time
  • Save time by simplifying the approval and online signing process
  • Create better contracts through templates and contract creation wizards
  • Strengthen security by centralising important documents in one secure location
  • Increase revenue by staying on top of key negotiations

What are the risks if you do not manage your contracts effectively?

You may not think about it every day, but losing control of your contracts can have large consequences for your company. Some examples of these are:
  • Missed revenue due to price agreements not (re)negotiated in time
  • Unnecessary costs and lost time searching for the right documents
  • Errors in contracts caused by manual creation
  • Losing critical documents required for selling your company or due diligence

How do I start with contract management?

You can start right away with a free demo from Ligo. Would you like to know more about Ligo’s contract management software or discuss the possibilities for your business? We are happy to tell you so please contact us.